DevOps – REF: LM / DevOps
9 Outubro, 2019

Data Engineer

Data Engineer – REF: LM / DataEngineer

    • BSc or higher degree in Computer Science or similar;
    • 2-5 years of experience in:
    • Big Data technologies (e.g., Spark, Beam, Hadoop, etc.);
    • Data storages (e.g. relational databases, key-value stores);
    • Data processing technologies (e.g. Kafka, Akka, Play, etc.);
    • Programming languages such as Scala/Java/Python (for real-time and batch processing);
    • Experience in analyzing large datasets (e.g. with SQL, Hive, Spark, Python etc.).
    • Experience in the domain of information retrieval, information extraction or machine learning – plus;
    • Good knowledge of Agile methodologies (scrum, Kanban);
    • Positive mindset and the social skills to work in an international and distributed team;
    • Desire to learn and share his knowledge with his Community of Practice;
    • Think out-of-the -box and come up with new ideas/improvements for the processes;
    • Professional English;
    • French – plus;

Localização: Porto.
Suporte ao visto: Sim.

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